For over 15 years PC Coaching have provided mobile classrooms to support training delivery across all parts the UK.

Using a purpose-built mobile classroom you can deliver training at any location. Our unique and award-winning classrooms have many benefits including convenience and significant cost savings.

They have been embraced by many of the leading UK organisations in the public and private sectors including the NHS. Please take a few moments to scroll through our gallery below.

Comfort and Security
We are constantly updating and refurbishing our mobile classrooms. 

We aim to maintain the high quality of our training environments so that delegate and trainer experience is always comfortable and productive.

Because our onboard PCs are the highest specification available we can ensure that the systems you are deploying can be replicated on our machines without worry. We know that data security is often the highest priority for an organisation so our PCs can be delivered in a vanilla format that you can configure with confidence and wipe clean on return.

We provide full 24/7 support wherever you are located.

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