NHS Health Estates Feature - BMI Healthcare - May 2016

PC Coaching says it offers NHS Trusts and other healthcare providers seeking an efficient way to offer staff training on constrained sites a highly practical solution – with the rapid deployment of hireable ‘low cost’ spacious temporary classroom facilities.

Ian Surry, commercial director, said: “We set out to find an innovative solution for organisations lacking training facilities for classroom delivery. After discovering how varied training facility needs were – in terms of type, quantity, and location –we created wheel-based mobile training units to cater for every need. The PC Coach (a fully converted luxury coach) and, later, the PC Pod (a trailer-based version), were subsequently born.  Combining ‘state-of-art’ training facilities with a fully PC equipped, ‘network-ready’ IT room, they were built to maximise classroom space, but minimise on-site footprint.

“The units have been used by organisations including supermarket retailers Government departments, and police forces, but it has been NHS Trusts and other healthcare organisations that have been the major users. BMI Healthcare, for example, used a mix of six pods and coaches – which moved to new hospitals every month over an 18-month period – delivering PeopleSoft training to over 5,800 staff. Some NHS Trusts recently benefiting from this solution include West Suffolk, Alder Hey, North Bristol and Norfolk and Suffolk.”