Compliance training feature.

Organisations are finding that legislation and regulation are growing all the time.

So there's an increasing need for employees to take mandatory training, and for their employers to record evidence of that training.

Our mobile classrooms have been busy meeting this need by delivering corporate compliance training to across all parts of the country.

What is otherwise thought of as a tedious and at times boring can be delivered as a fresh and unique experience onboard one of our PC Coaches.

We can travel to where the training is needed providing a training space at the point of need together with an invigilator creating the perfect testing conditions, if needed.

By using the mobile classroom at different sites it allows your company to deliver consistent information across your organisation and track when training has been completed.

Compliance training takes many forms but the majority of our delivery is with e-learning programs. These can be delivered onboard either run locally through our hi spec machines (HP Elite PCs) or online using our onboard internet connectivity.

On-board generators enable delivery to almost anywhere, even where no power is available.

The benefits of our compliance training programs are:

·      Help everyone become aware of their legal responsibilities at work,

·      Help change their behaviour and adopt new practices.

·      We can create a full audit trail for your organization to show regulators.

·      We can track completion, recording pre and post assessments.

·      Our mobile classrooms enable your organization to reach everyone, regardless of location.

·      The unique environment helps treat compliance in a more engaging way.