Flexing training facilities to meet peaks of demand for NHS

With the various IT initiatives being introduced through the NHS, there is one common factor underpinning successful implementation; the ability to successfully train NHS staff in an effective, timely, cost efficient manner.

Whilst there have been some successes with the use of e-learning in the NHS, it is likely a great deal of training delivered for systems such as electronic care records, will be through instructor led training (ILT).

All local service providers are committed to programmes of ‘Train the Trainer’, as part of their contractual agreements. Many trusts have already identified - and started - to develop the internal staff for training delivery.


However, one of the challenges facing trusts is the lack of suitable training venues.

It is acknowledged there are limited appropriate training facilities in many NHS trusts to enable staff to use new IT systems.

With the responsibility for training staff in new technologies and applications resting with trusts, mobile training units can form an important resource to provide additional facilities that can be called upon when needed. Using these units will help to minimise disruption to frontline staff and is a cost-effective solution to meet training needs.

Among the problems often faced when developing training plans to support implementation is the ability to complete the training close to the ‘go live’ date. To ensure that learning is reinforced and put into practice.

Usually, this means the training plan must be compressed to no more than eight to 10 weeks prior to the live date. This puts enormous strain on existing trust IT training suites where resources are already highly utilised. 

NHS Health Estates Feature - BMI Healthcare - May 2016

PC Coaching says it offers NHS Trusts and other healthcare providers seeking an efficient way to offer staff training on constrained sites a highly practical solution – with the rapid deployment of hireable ‘low cost’ spacious temporary classroom facilities.

Ian Surry, commercial director, said: “We set out to find an innovative solution for organisations lacking training facilities for classroom delivery. After discovering how varied training facility needs were – in terms of type, quantity, and location –we created wheel-based mobile training units to cater for every need. The PC Coach (a fully converted luxury coach) and, later, the PC Pod (a trailer-based version), were subsequently born.  Combining ‘state-of-art’ training facilities with a fully PC equipped, ‘network-ready’ IT room, they were built to maximise classroom space, but minimise on-site footprint.

“The units have been used by organisations including supermarket retailers Government departments, and police forces, but it has been NHS Trusts and other healthcare organisations that have been the major users. BMI Healthcare, for example, used a mix of six pods and coaches – which moved to new hospitals every month over an 18-month period – delivering PeopleSoft training to over 5,800 staff. Some NHS Trusts recently benefiting from this solution include West Suffolk, Alder Hey, North Bristol and Norfolk and Suffolk.”





Compliance training feature.

Organisations are finding that legislation and regulation are growing all the time.

So there's an increasing need for employees to take mandatory training, and for their employers to record evidence of that training.

Our mobile classrooms have been busy meeting this need by delivering corporate compliance training to across all parts of the country.

What is otherwise thought of as a tedious and at times boring can be delivered as a fresh and unique experience onboard one of our PC Coaches.

We can travel to where the training is needed providing a training space at the point of need together with an invigilator creating the perfect testing conditions, if needed.

By using the mobile classroom at different sites it allows your company to deliver consistent information across your organisation and track when training has been completed.

Compliance training takes many forms but the majority of our delivery is with e-learning programs. These can be delivered onboard either run locally through our hi spec machines (HP Elite PCs) or online using our onboard internet connectivity.

On-board generators enable delivery to almost anywhere, even where no power is available.

The benefits of our compliance training programs are:

·      Help everyone become aware of their legal responsibilities at work,

·      Help change their behaviour and adopt new practices.

·      We can create a full audit trail for your organization to show regulators.

·      We can track completion, recording pre and post assessments.

·      Our mobile classrooms enable your organization to reach everyone, regardless of location.

·      The unique environment helps treat compliance in a more engaging way.